Monday, April 14, 2008

Random Happiness

Hi everyone. First things first, to all of the INSPIRED ladies:
I DO have extra refill kits for the Creative Block Survival Guide class and extra class kits. I will post more about this later this week but if you have any questions.....just email me at hruwe(at)

Just wanted to pop in to let you know what I have been up to today. A simple joy that I thought I would share. I know I said I liked my buttons thrown together in my Pottery Barn ice cooler with scoop but I have been spending way too much time finding the right color for class kits and projects. So, today I sorted and even though I have a long way to go...I LOVE it. The colors just make me so happy! Wouldn't you agree?
I am loving the clear containers because it makes me want to use what I have. Everything that is in my studio that I can't see will be put in clear containers soon. :)

Another thing that made me happy today. This arrived in the mail....I'm off to read it! Thanks for stopping by! What's your random happiness?


Wendy Sue said...

I like all of my things organized by color too - so I can feel your happiness! I was excited to see the May CK show up in my mailbox today too! ;o)

laura vegas said...

i can just imagine you sitting there sorting buttons. lol! i've been there ... piled them in together and then changed my mind and sorted them back out. lol!

and isn't that CK cover gorgeous! you can't go wrong with maggie's photo scrapped by wendy, right!

for my happiness today ... i just got donna downey's 2 new books in the mail tonight. havn't even looked at them yet, but i love idea books right off the press! and i'm thinking the new BHG will be coming this week too!