Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy Bee

Well hello. Sorry to have disappeared there. Life just got busy. BUT it has been a very productive Monday. I can't believe all the things I got accomplished:

-went grocery shopping this morning
-scrubbed the fridge and freezer when I got home before loading all the groceries
-paid all the bills
-did some online banking
-caught up on some emails
-made some orthodontist appointments for Alex
-went to the car wash to vacuum and wash my filthy car
-went to Petsmart to exchange the doggies collars
-went to Lowe's to price hardwood floors for the kitchen and family room
-went to Best Buy to get some computer stuff I need
-made some yummy ham and potatoes for dinner
-caught up on some t.v. shows that I taped. Thank God for DVR! :)
-took these pics of a card set I made a few weeks ago. There were a lot more cards but I have been using them up! lol
a close up shot....

Okay, now I am tired! Thanks for being so patient and stopping by. I will be back soon with more creative shares.


Sara said...

I know what you mean about not blogging lately--I'm still trying to catch up. Looks like you've been really busy--I need one (or more) of those productive days! Love the cards!