Monday, November 23, 2009

Breaking News...

I don't know how many readers are local and have already seen this but look HERE. That house is my next door neighbor's house. (80 year old Sweet Betty that I always mention here) Ted and I have spent the entire day over there cleaning and you would not believe the mess that this has left. I feel so bad for her but I am so thankful that she is safe and was sleeping in the back bedroom when it all happened. It's funny b/c I couldn't sleep last night and went in my scrap studio late (which is the closest room to Betty's house) and I could hear a car outside rev the engine many times. When I looked out my window, the car was leaving. Little did I know, he was the guy who just ran into her house! I'm happy to hear the police caught him trailing his leaking oil from the car....not the smartest criminal. lol

Anyway, Betty is the SWEETEST lady....please send good thoughts her way. Thanks. :)


Sara said...

That is just awful! Thankfully your neighbor is ok. You & your hubby are good people to help her as she goes through this.