Saturday, February 6, 2010

Inspired by...

Since I am snowed in, I thought it might be fun to do a random post. I was thinking today of how many things and people I am inspired by and thought I would share a few....

Target. Oh, how I love shopping there. I found lots of goodies just the other day and I was inspired by the prints and colors. First up, I bought a new shower curtain for Alex's bathroom:
Love the colors and the graphic design. It's called "typography" and it was a steal at $8.00! I'm thinking a layout will be created soon with a similar design. :)
Another steal I found on clearance were these oven mitts.... (They were only $1.25 each so I picked up two to replace my yucky ones. lol)
Aren't the patterns fun?

Moving on but still in the shopping category....I picked up this cute mailer envelope at the post office to mail the cards I am doing for the Cards for Kids Drive. I think this design would be so cute on some valentine cards.I am also inspired by my good friend Shane. Shane is one of the designers at the Bakery and she just started a blog. You can check it out HERE. Her work is amazing. I was cropping with her when she was making THESE invitations for her daughter's first birthday. She is so creative.

Speaking of talented ladies, Nichol Magouirk is one of my favorite designers. Just last month, I lifted one of her ideas from THIS post on her blog. I punched out circles instead of butterflies but I covered them with ribbon scraps like she did. Love the result on this layout I did for Alex's recent band gig pics...Some more detailed shots... Journaling:
"Another night performing at Dirty Jacks. While you
guys were rockin’ out; I looked at you and didn’t even
recognize you. When you are on stage, you transform.
You just let it all go and I can tell how much music
means to you. I asked you what it feels like when you
are on stage and you said, “It’s like something I’ve
never experienced before, a high, and I love it.” You
are so talented and it is a such a gift to watch you play."

Just love that ribbon technique! It helps me use some of the many ribbon scraps I have. I don't know why I can't part with them. They are just too pretty. lol

One last thing that I was inspired by was THIS. I just have to try it soon.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope wherever you are, the weather is better than here in Cincinnati! Be back soon...


Carla said...

I love that LO and I remember when Nicole made those butterflies!
I just picked up some new handmitts too at Ikea yesterday. They do get quiet yucky. LOL!!

Sara said...

Great Target scores!! I need to make a trip...

LOVE the LO! The ribbon circles are awesome!! Funny I just tried making the butterflies but need to work on it (used a QK die w/the foam inside & it didn't cut all the way) :(

aldebaran said...

LOVE love love Target clearance! I scored big time a few weeks ago in their kitchen department. And your layout?! Love the circles with the ribbons. I remember the butterflies and have been wanting to try something like that with my scraps. I just don't have the proper die yet. What kind did you use?

- Bridget

Nichol Magouirk said...

what AWESOME stuff!
and that layout with the ribbon circles....perfection! Thanks for sharing!