Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

First, congrats to LAUREL BEARD. You won some goodies from the last post! Email me with your address! :)

I hope everyone had a good Halloween! I love Halloween but with no little ones here, I decided to go visit my nieces and nephews. I took some shots of my nephew (J.T.) in his Halloween costume. As he likes to say, he was a "bootball player". LOL Here are a few of my favorites....I found an old football easter basket of Alex's. It worked perfectly with J.T.'s costume and he used it to collect his treats...He's such a cutie...That's all I got for now. Thanks for stopping by!


Carla said...

awww. what a cutie!!! Bootball player, lol!!! When our doorbell rang tonight with trick or treaters, Aydan would announce, "we have more customers". lol!

Jana said...

So cute! I did what you did and went to where the little guy was and spent the evening with Colin the UPS man! :-)