Tuesday, March 29, 2011


sometimes gets pushed to the side because I usually only have time to make cards. Working on a large canvas like a scrapbook page takes a lot more time, well at least for me it does. LOL However, I finally got some time at the retreat a few weeks ago to make some layouts. The first one is of my niece Taylor. The journaling reads, "Just like Batman has Robin and Peanut Butter has Jelly, I have a creative sidekick, my niece Taylor. I love spending the day with "mini me" in my craft room. (Jan. 2011)" The next one is about Ted and I. The journaling reads, "We decided to try something new for our six year wedding anniversary. We had never been bowling so I thought it would be a fun date while out of town in Indianapolis. The best part was kickin' your butt. Hee. Hee. :) " Here's a LO about Alex and his girlfriend, Ashley. The journaling reads, "It's so sweet to see you in a relationship and being so thoughtful, caring, and respectful towards Ashley. It makes my heart want to burst. I'm so very proud of you Alex! (2011) Another about Alex and his favorite thing to do-drumming! Journaling: "One of my favorite things in the world is to watch you play. It makes my heart happy to see you enjoying yourself so much."
This one I may have shared before but I was going through older pics and found it. Love that I could fit 16 photos on one page. Loving mini prints! Journaling: "Celebrating 40 years-Richard and Kay Ritzi-March 7, 2010"I've already shared this layout but I wanted to show you a BEFORE and AFTER. I very rarely go back and tweak layouts but I wanted to submit this LO for a magazine call and felt it needed a face lift.

BEFORE: AFTER:Whatcha think? Hopefully you like the after better. LOL

Anyway, just wanted to share some layouts to prove I still scrapbook. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Through Rain & Shine...

This guy will always be mine...Ted and I have been through so much lately and even though he is hurting too, he has been an angel to me. Like last week (when I was having a horrible day) and the doorbell rang and I was greeted with these for no reason...and then later I get a phone call from my mom telling me how beautiful HER flowers were! He sent some to my mom as well to say thank you for being so supportive during our difficult time. It made my heart melt. :)

To say thanks, I decided to make him a card...As soon as I saw this stamp it reminded me of us. It's storming outside and we are under the umbrella smooching. I decided to put some over sized raindrops around us to show what we are going through and how much he protects me from it all. Love you Ted!

A close-up of the umbrella (I like to put glossy accents on the creases of the umbrella to make it look like water is running down)...That's all I got for now. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week of Penny Black Stamps- Days 5-7

Hello friends. Having a rough couple of days so I decided to wrap up the Penny Black stamp week on this blog post. I used THIS stamp set to create this birthday card...I used glossy accents on the balloons to give them some shine...I finished the inside of the card too...Next, I used THIS set to create this card...I think the hedgehog was intended to be walking but I made him fly in the air to fit the sentiment. :)

A closer look at the clouds I used liquid pearls on...And finally, I played with THIS fun set to create this card (excuse the wonky sewing-was my first attempt at the sewing machine! lol)...
Thanks for stopping by this week and checking out my Penny Black creations. I hope you were inspired!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week of Penny Black Stamps- Day 4

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Thought I'd share a card with lots of green to celebrate..
Can you tell by now that I really like THIS set? :) I stamped the tissue image around the flowers in vellum to give it a realistic feel.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back tomorrow with another card share. Just like today's cards says...I hope you had a wonderful day. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week of Penny Black Stamps- Day 3

Welcome back to a week of Penny Black Stamp Cards. For the third day, I decided to use THIS set. Here is the card I made using that cute painting hedgehog...
A detail shot of the canvas he's painting on. Hard to tell but I stamped the canvas on CANVAS PAPER! It's so fun and cute in real life. :)
Thanks for stopping by! Be back tomorrow with another card. Hugs!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week of Penny Black Stamps- Day 2

Just got back from dinner HERE (so yummy) and thought I'd share the card for day two of the Penny Black Week. I decided to use THIS set again to create this birthday card...
a close up...
The sentiment is from Hero Arts (had to sneak that in) and the paper is from Echo Park...don't you love those colors?!

That's all I got for now. Off to snuggle with my hubby. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Girls Getaway & A Week of Penny Black Cards

Hello friends. I just got back from a weekend trip with these girls.... left to right...
Top Row- Britta, Ginger, Mary, Jana, and Latrice
Bottom Row- Sandi, Nichol, Jennifer, Kathy, and me

Wow. That sums it up for me. To be surrounded by the love of these incredible, strong, talented, kind, strong women was just what the doctor ordered. They were all so patient with me as I'm still trying to work through things. They made me laugh which is something I didn't know when I was going to do again. I've said this many times but I'll say it again and again, I'm so thankful for this hobby. It brings people together that you would never have met otherwise. Thank you girls for an amazing weekend. Love you.

Moving onto the crafting...I actually got a lot accomplished. Miss Kathy brought her Penny Black stamps and I fell in love immediately. I felt like I was cheating on Hero Arts a bit but they will always be my first love. :) I am going to show you a week of cards featuring Penny Black stamps. Here is my card for Day One using THIS set...
A close up...

It's hard to tell but there is glossy accents inside the watering can to resemble water as well as on the flowers to make them look wet.

I'll be back tomorrow with another Penny Black card. Thanks for stopping by. I miss you guys. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Card Shares

Hello friends. I know my posts are pretty random these days but I'm still trying to heal and I'm finding the black cloud isn't going away. Thanks for stopping by and being patient. One day at a time right?

I wanted to share a card that I sent in awhile ago for a card drive, Cards for Bridget. Bridget lost her husband Mike to brain cancer and sweet Jennifer was collecting cards for her. Here is the card I sent in...

I also wanted to decorate the envelope. I found a Hero Arts Background Stamp that was perfect because stripes made the perfect lines to address the envelope! ...A closer look...I also wanted to share a card I made with a SUPER cute stamp that I won from Nichol's blog. How cute is that mouse!? ...I wanted to use bright colors because I'm sure whoever receives this needs some cheering up!

That's all for now. Need to go pack for a much needed crafting trip with some friends! Thanks for stopping by!