Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I would like to thank....

LYSA for giving me a blog award. Thanks Lysa! It made my day. I now get to post this on my blog.......

and list seven other blogs that I love. This was tough for me because I like so many but here you go...

1. Jennifer McGuire...hands down my favorite blog and I am lucky enough to live by her so I get to take her classes and see the master at work. :) She is a true talent in this industry and not only is she stinkin' talented but so very sweet.

2. Laura Vegas...She rocks. I just love reading her blog and her work is so good. I am lucky enough to have her as a guest designer for Scrapbook Bakery. :)

3. Sherelle Christensen...Great Blog. I wish I could be as productive as her. I think she may be a superhero. lol

4. Kristina Werner ....I have recently found her blog and wow! She has the most amazing videos and I love her color challenges. Her blog is one of my new favorites!

5. Hero Arts Blog...Always something new on this blog and I love their weekly challenges. I sometimes need a little jumpstart. :)

6. Robyn Werlich...She is AMAZING. Her stuff is always incredible.

7. Cathy Zielske...I have ALWAYS wanted to be a graphic designer and I just love Cathy's clean style. She is also so FUNNY! I always go to her blog when I need a smile.

Okay, now onto the winner of the mystery box.....congrats to Jenny who wrote:

"I am in the beginning stages of taking over the diningroom and I need to paint. I really like that color! Quiet time alone-maybe a picnic. Have fun planning-"
September 3, 2008 1:21 PM

Jenny, email me at hruwe(at) with your address! :)

One more thing... a quick card share just b/c it's cute...

Have a great Thursday! Be Back Soon...


laura vegas said...

thank you, thank you heather! i'm in great company ... lots of fantastic scrappers/bloggers on that list!