Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Ugly Truth...and a giveaway!

This is why I can't blog as much as I want....my studio is STILL in the process of being redone. Here are some pics to prove why it is so hard to be creative right now.....
Scary, huh? :)

However, my mom came over to the rescue (as usual, she is the best) and started painting the ONE wall she could get to....(p.s. she would not be happy with me for posting a pic of her in her painting clothes. hee hee) the wall she is painting is going to be filled with shelves from HERE soon. :) I will keep you updated with the progress.

So, in effort to keep going and organizing there is getting to be a large pile on my table of things that I no longer want. Some of these things are brand new and some things I maybe used a sticker or two from.

If you are interested in receiving this big ole' mystery box, leave a comment to this post and tell me a suggestion for something fun my husband and I can do for our anniversary. It is not till October but this year is my turn to plan and I want to do something fun but we need to keep it low key since our five year anniversary is next year, and I'm sure it will be big. The only thing I got is the restaurant picked out. :)

Okay, off to take Alex to school. Can you believe he is a sophomore AND he has been in school for TWO weeks? Crazy.

Be back soon (hopefully) with a video if I can find a place to tape it! lol Thanks for stopping by!


Cass said...

I could find a home for a mystery box of goodies!

As for an anniversary event - a quiet dinner (with no kids) is what my husband and I find a truly wonderful thing!

Mary said...

Camping out in a tent or camper would be alot of fun.Place a million candles around and give each other a spa treatment of your choosing. Massages, foot treatment, (pick up a massage book at library or booksore to learn about it together if you don't know how. Getting a room also could be fun if it has a jaccuzi or hot tub or whilpool you can use together. ALONE TOGETHERNESS, no distractions.

Anonymous said...

something without children....how about riding go carts and mini golf.


Jenny said...

I am in the beginning stages of taking over the diningroom and I need to paint. I really like that color! Quiet time alone-maybe a picnic. Have fun planning-

johnsonsbasement said...

i love mysteries, and mystery boxes. hope you get your room finished soon. samantha

Anonymous said...

Mystery box, eh? Sounds...mysterious. ;) Anniversary ideas? After dinner, a nice walk in the park or anything where you can just talk. What I wouldn't do for some one on one time with my DH, no distractions. If you're thinking over night... a nice bed and breakfast?

Erin said...

maybe you could recreate your first date..or the day he proposed? my husband is a huge hunting/fishing/sports fan. for our anniversary i took him to a ball game then we went to eat at his favoirite resturant (i don't really like baseball or his fav resturant, so that is love!) good luck and happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I just love that color!
Ideas...movie and dinner, never gets old. Maybe a sleepover for your child and have all day together!!! Congrats, ahead of time! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sara said...

WOW! Can't wait to see the room once it's all done! GREAT color!

As for your anniv. how about his & her massages at a spa?

Anonymous said...

Happy early Anniversary. That is so much fun that you take turns planning. My husband and I try to stay at a bed and breakfast every year possible. We pick a small city within driving distance and spend the day exploring together, catching up and reconnecting. We've loved every one that we've stayed at.
How very generous of you to share a "surprise" goodie box with a lucky crafter!

naomi said...

I love the color that you have chosen for your room.
If I want to do something special with my husband, we usually go to my favorite seafood restaurant. Luckily it's next to the beach so after our meal we can take a walk.