Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Night...

Just got home from watching Alex's band play. I mentioned here awhile ago that he scored the gig at his high school to play before the big football game. Thought I'd share a few pics because I am so happy for them.... Alex on drums...Zac on lead vocals...Eric on lead guitar...Chris on bass guitar...I had to beg Alex for one quick pic before we left for the night. I was good and only took one. I didn't want to embarrass him too much since there was a group of girls waiting to talk to the band. :)
The boys said they needed their energy before the gig so I made them a plate of brownies (like I do before every practice at our house) and this is what the plate looked like after 2 minutes (lol) ...I'll be back soon hopefully with a video from today and some creative shares from my scrappin' trip with the girls tomorrow afternoon. Have a great weekend!


Sara said...

How cool!! They must be thrilled! And so great of you to bake them the brownies!! THey must love you!!