Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And the winner is....

Hi everyone. Just dropping a note to say how happy I am that David Cook won American Idol! Yeah! What did you think about the result? I really wanted him to win, but thought the other David had it b/c of his performance yesterday. Anyway, not much to report. Been in a slump lately hence the no blogging. Be back soon with some projects. Have a great night! One more thing...what did you think of George Michael's performance at the end of the show. Was it just me or was it horrible??? lol


Carla said...

I feel exactly like you do about everything you just said. I wanted David Cook to win, but I would have been happy if the other David had taken it.
I was a HUGE George Michael fan. I got tickets for the sixth row in the late 80's for his Faith tour and it cost me a bundle. He did not look nor sound good at all. He should have done something pop-ish to attract more of an audience.

laura vegas said...

so glad that david c won! but i was the same ... after watching the night before, i started to think that david a would take it after all. but i think david c is so much more ready for it!

and george michael ... i think for some weird reason, he's growing on me. lol! did you watch "eli stone" on ABC this season? he was on there quite a bit with his singing ... so it didn't phase me to see him out there. lol! not saying it was good ... just sayin! lol!