Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Creative Block Survival Guide Mini Workshop

Hi Everyone. First things first...the winner of the NSD post goes to ....
Kendalls Mom 3 said...
hi Heather
May 3, 2008 11:29 AM

Okay, let's pick one more......I will choose the next comment since it was a race against time.....

Marissa said...
Thank you for the flower pencil inspiration! I made Teacher Appreciation gifts today!
May 4, 2008 12:36 AM

Congrats ladies! email me at hruwe(at)scrapbookbakery.com with your address so I can send off some goodies to you! :)
Okay, on to the reason for this post. I taught a mini workshop at the Inspired Event last month and I wanted to share it here for all the ladies who purchased my extra kits and for all of you who could not go to the event, maybe you can incorporate the idea. A free online class!

The purpose of this class is obvious.... to try and conquer or at least tame the Creative Block that I am sure every scrapper experiences from time to time. I was so tired of going to a crop and experiencing Creative Block and just sit there wasting precious scrapping time. So, I got out my handy dandy HUGE, HEAVY inspirational binder that is home to all kinds of ideas I jot down or tear out of magazines. I love my binder and it really helps but when I travel to crops, but it is really annoying to travel with. So I decided to create a mini version of that binder and since I was teaching...of course it had to be cute! :) So, with the sponsorship of Jenni Bowlin and her AMAZING products, my mind started racing with ideas.

First, I wanted to create categories that would help with the overall design of any layout/project....
DESIGN, PHOTOS, JOURNALING, EMBELLISHMENTS, SCRAPS, and REFRESH. The purpose of this was to help with Creative Block from start to finish OR if you were only experiencing creative block with one of the areas...it would get you jumpstarted to completing your project. Can there be more than these categories, of course! These seemed like the best place to start.
With that being said...I am going to post ALL of the pics of the individual creative challenge cards. I hope this helps the ladies match up their materials, who are making their kits at home. :)

Front Cover:

The first Category is DESIGN: (REMEMBER when you are writing on these label stickers, they are slick...use a SHARPIE...for all the REGULAR papers, you can use a regular, acid free, black marker!) The Jenni Bowlin tickets were PERFECT for making tabs on the side of each category. Makes it so easy to find which category you are looking for..

These are all of the creative challenges under DESIGN:

The next Category is PHOTOS:

These are all the creative challenges under PHOTOS:

The next category is JOURNALING:

These are the creative challenges for JOURNALING:

The next category is EMBELLISHMENTS:

These are the creative challenges for EMBELLISHMENTS:

The next category is SCRAPS:

These are the creative challenges for SCRAPS:

The next (and final) category is REFRESH: This is by far my favorite category b/c it does just what it says (or at least for me!) ...it refreshes you!

Here are the REFRESH challenges:
Jenni Bowlin's Vintage Journaling Cards tied in perfectly...
Thanks for reading this super long post! Hopefully, I have supplied you with a few ideas to get out of Creative Block! I have a word document with all of this information. Email me at hruwe(at)scrapbookbakery.com if you are interested and I will send you a copy! I KNOW this was a lot of info for one night. So, I have decided to disect each category over
the course of six days (STARTING MONDAY, MAY 12th) and show you examples of how I used my survival guide. I will have challenges and prizes. So, stay tuned......


June (a.k.a. "Junebug", Junie June", "Junabell"... said...

Thanks Heather! I can't wait to work on this. It was so great to meet you at Inspired.

lori said...

this is a wonderful idea...thanks so much for sharing. your blog is going into my favorites and i am definitely making one of these books.

love your creativity, thaks for sharing...

Carla said...

Cute book! Lots of great stuff going on! I'll email you my addy. Thanks for the RAK!

Sara said...

The mini-book is FANTASTIC! LOVE it!

laura vegas said...

love the idea of this heather! must be so much fun to flip though! a few years ago i taught a class where one of the projects was to make an inspiration jar ... and inside were strips of paper with things written on them. like a certain kind of product ... or a color ... or a technique. then you could just pull out a few strips ... and that would be your inspiration for a layout. kind of fun when you're feeling blocked!