Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Happy Tuesday! Back today with some answers to your questions from THIS post. Thank you all for your sweet comments and questions. You guys are the best! :)

Many of you asked about getting published, so I'll start with that:
1. "What is your best advice for getting a card published?" Here are a few tips that I think will really help...

a. Think about what the magazine call is asking for. For example, if you are submitting something for the April publication of that magazine, chances are they are not going to publish your Halloween card just because of the timing. They will most likely be looking for spring themed projects.

b. Photography is so important. I'll be honest. I know very little about photography. However, I have learned a few tips that have helped me in editing my photos. You want your project to shine so snapping a good shot of it is very important. Search for photography tips on the internet. I learned lots on super talented Lisa Spangler's Blog. She has links on the sidebar for photo tutorials!

c. Get involved. I've been submitting on the Hero Arts Flickr group for quite some time. Being part of a community like that is great because you can meet new people, ask questions, and get feedback when you need it.

d. Most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP! I had submitted for a REALLY long time and had no projects picked up. I was thinking of not submitting anymore and then it happened! It could take four months or six years, just don't give up and believe in yourself. :)

2. "Did you feel like your latest submission would be a winner?" I did actually. The reason I did was because the magazine had a specific call for cards using red, blue, and cream with polka dots and the issue's theme was wedding. I felt like my card fit all the categories which would help my chances.

3. "Where do you get inspiration for your cards?" Everywhere. I know that sounds vague, but I really do! A magazine, a fellow artist, a dress, a pillow... I'm always looking at everything in my world as a jumping off point for creating. Check out my 30 Days of Inspiration series that starts HERE.

4. "How can I make money crafting?" I am doing crafting as part time work. For example, people hire me to create scrapbooks for them. I teach card classes. I also just signed up for a craft show to sell my cards. Etsy is another great place to sell projects!

5. "How many cards a week do you make?" That's a tough one. Some weeks I am in my craft room every single day and others, I don't step a foot in it. But on average, I would say around 3 or 4.

6. "What is your best advice for starting a blog?" First, I would suggest Blogger. I would also recommend THIS class taught by the fantastic Kristina Proffitt, who designed my blog.

7. "How did you arrive at the name for your site?" Well my blog is named after my online store, Scrapbook Bakery. I chose this name because I feel as if all scrapbook products are goodies/treats and wanted to emphasize that theme by sending out product in hot pink bakery boxes. :)

8. "What are your favorite blogs to stalk?" Oh boy. I have so many. My favorites are listed on the right hand side of this blog under BLOGS I LOVE. But I have to say my favorite right now is Nichol Magouirk. That girl is the most talented person I have ever "met".

9. "Any tips on attaching ribbon to cards?" Try staples or brads on the ends.

10. "What was the first work of yours that was published and how did you react when you found out it was getting published?" I did a post about my first published card HERE and my reaction HERE.

11. "What is your favorite colors/color scheme?" My favorite colors right now are yellow and turquoise. I really love them together with kraft! :)

12. "What's your fav. t.v. show?" Oh my. I have lots. I can't pick one so to name a few... Dexter (thanks to Jennifer and Jana!), True Blood, So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Keeping up with the Kardashians, I hate to admit this but...Real Housewives of NY and Jersey..I find the drama entertaining, Bethenney Getting Married, Cake Boss, and lots of shows on HGTV. Wow...I watch way too much t.v. LOL

13. "Any advice on how to build supplies for cardmaking on a limited budget?" My best advice would be to invest in stamps. They can be used over and over in different ways. Start with a sentiment/greeting set.

14. "How do you go about submitting your creations/How do you decide which cards to send in for publication consideration?" I will check the magazine calls and see if any of my cards fit what they are looking for. If not and there is a card I think is great then I will submit it to an anything goes call.

15. "How do you organize your stamps?" I'll have pics of this soon so stay tuned. They are in shelves that my sweet hubby built for me up on the wall and in vintage metal baskets.

16. "How long did it take to get your Cards prize box?" You might be waiting awhile Ashley. It took mine 3-4 months! ;)

17. "Can you tell me about the Copic Spica Pens?" Sorry I can't because I don't use them. Maybe you can find some info HERE.

18. "How often do you scrapbook?...Do you prefer SB or cardmaking?" I get to SB about once or twice a month. I enjoy them both equally but I do cardmaking more because its a smaller canvas to work on and I can produce more. I am a super SLOW scrapper.

19. "How is your sister doing?" Thanks for asking Jamie! You're a sweetheart. My sister is doing MUCH, MUCH better. She wanted me to tell you all thank you for all the comments and prayers.

Well I think I answered all your questions. Hope you enjoyed reading. I'll be back soon!


Carla said...

such a fun post Heather! I love the Kardashians, Dexter, and True Blodd too!!!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness Heather what a great informative post. I didn't notice if you mentioned Dancing with the Stars?
So happy you sister is better. :)

Heather Innusa said...

Thanks for all the info!! Love your blog - your so fun & inspiring!!

Ayana Posadas said...

This was a great interview! I enjoyed learning more about you, and thanks so much for sharing your tips and experiences with us! :)