Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quick Post

Hi. Just wanted to drop in before I go to bed to do a quick post. I was able to upload one of the layouts I did for the 31 Challenge. Here it is. . .

These are pics of my son's first high school dance. He was asked by his friend Jayme to go to her school dance. These are just a few of the pics I took that day. I think I have enough to make an entire album! I am so bad about taking so many photos of one event. I guess I just stick with the idea that if I keep taking them, one has to turn out good! lol

One more thing, you guys have to check out Sara's blog. She had the cutest post on there today about the prize she won from a RAK on my blog. Thanks Sara!

Okay...must go to bed! Thanks for reading.


Wendy Sue said...

Such a fun layout! I swear, kids are starting to look younger and younger to me...I thought I was so grown up when I was going to school dances and I'm sure I looked as young as these two....ah, I am getting soooo old, lol! :o)

Sara said...

I agree with Wendy Sue--the kids do look younger than when we were in school. Great colors on the LO--they complement the red so well! Love the scalloped border!

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. It was a happy surprise! Thanks again for the FUN RAK!!

laura vegas said...

love the layout heather! love the red ... and the chipboard ... and the ribbon!!! my oldest has a dance at school next week ... 6th grade?!?! it's for like 2 hours in the middle of the afternoon ... but still. i went to a high school that wasn't allowed to dance ... i've never even been to one! lol!