Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Totally Random

I know I promised pics of my layouts for the 31 layouts in 31 days challenge, but my camera is not being my friend right now. I will try to post them tomorrow. So, inspired by Laura's blog, I will do a totally random post.

-Sarah Jessica Parker was on Oprah today. Anyone see it? Love, love, love her! My hubby bought me the HBO series: Sex and the City for my birthday a few years ago and I have watched it too many times too count. Her clothing line is adorable too! I also have a countdown going in my head until the movie comes out.

-I hate it when my son has to go to the orthodontist. He went today to get spacers put in. He is in pain and I just hate that.

-I am really annoyed by the news right now. Growing up, when it would rain/snow...that was not breaking news or even worthy enough to break into programming! It seems like they are constantly doing that. lol

-I have three dogs. Casey, Jack, and Goldy.

-I can't believe that I have been scrapbooking for over ten years!

-If I wasn't doing what I am doing now, I would be a graphic designer.

Enough randomness? Leave me a comment and tell me something random or just something about you. Thanks for reading.


sue said...

Hi Heather,
My something totally random -- I read scrapbooking blogs while I'm at work -- sshhhh - don't tell the boss!

Sue in Alexandria VA

Sara said...

Hmmmmmm...my something random is I drink coffee like it's going out of style!

I just wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for the box of goodies!! I had so much fun going through the box! I can't wait to play with it all! BTW-I posted about it on my blog--it was too fun not to share it!


laura vegas said...

how fun! i love "sex & the city" ... watch the re-runs every night at midnight. argh ... hate the orthodontist ... glad alyssa just got her braces off ... but sarah will be getting some soon. i've been scrapping for over 10 years now too ... i think it's 12 years. and i actually started studying graphic design in college ... but i was to lazy and hated school ... so i stopped going. lol!

and something random? i am always super-duper quiet at night ... i actually tip-toe around the house so as to not wake up my girls. my girls are 8 & 11 btw ... so i'm not sure why i'm scared to wake them. lol! not like they're babies that i'd have to put back to sleep.