Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Recap

Hi. Thought I would pop on and share a few...I mean a lot....of Christmas photos.
Christmas morning....

We let Alex open one present and then I acted like Ted forgot to bring the rest of his presents from downstairs. I went downstairs and yelled for Alex to come down and help me bring them up and little did he know, Ted and I had his brand new PEARL Vision drumset downstairs. Here is a few pictures of him finding it and then realizing it. It was so cool to see him so excited. Ted and I heard a lot of "Are you serious!?" from Alex. :) (Excuse the mess in the pics, we are remodeling the basement right now for the Bakery)
As soon as he sets them up, we had to go to my parent's house. It was killing him to leave those never played drums. lol But, he had fun at his grandparents house and got spoiled rotten with a new ipod nano.

My nephew/Godson, J.T. came in dressed as Santa and passed out candy canes. We thought he was too cute! and my sweet, chunky niece Lydia. I think I could kiss her cheeks all day...

Have I overloaded you with pics yet? lol I'll be back soon. I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years!


Sara said...

Happy New Year Heather! Great pics!

Did he get to play his new drums yet???

laura vegas said...

looks like a great christmas heather! and how exciting for him to get some brand new drums ... bet your ears are loving that! lol!