Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well Hello....

It's been a week already?? Wow. Time is really flying. Thought I would jump on to answer your questions but first I thought I would share the card I made for my Dad on Father's Day (since I have been meaning to since the 15th!) Sorry for the bad pic but you get the idea....I sanded the chocolate brown cardstock and the last circle I used a clear pebble on top to highlight the NO.1 Dad. On the inside the card was this....

A vintage map of our area from 1967/1968. Anyone who knows my dad knows he loves maps. He is funny like that and when I gave this to him (along with his McDonald's gift card), you would think I gave him a million bucks. He is not into material things, I love that about him but it makes him hard to shop for! :)

Okay, time for Q & A...

Laura asked.... "What are the 5 things that you CANNOT scrap without?" Great question!

Well, I am going to cheat a little! lol I am going to say that the obvious things like my 12x12 trimmer, adhesive, and scissors don't count. hee hee So, after that my list is:

1. String...thanks to Robyn, I am officially obsessed with tying string on a project for that finishing touch.

2. Buttons....LOVE them. I have a rainbow assortment in my studio and I use them on 90% on my projects. So fun.

3. Pop Dots...thanks to Jennifer for showing me the way! :) I am loving the shadow that they create.

4. Stamps...I was not a stamper in the beginning but now, I use them very often. They are great for making patterned paper.

5. Brads...I think I might have a problem with Brads! lol I have way too many but again, they give a nice finished touch.

Now, Sara's question..."How do you organize your albums? By events? Or by date?"

Another great question! Well Sara, I am in the process of organizing albums and as soon as I am done, I will post pics! I mostly organize my albums by date. It's just easier for me. However, I do have some mini albums that are usually done by event. I also was buying all kind of albums....a sophisticated one for the family, a camo one for my son, etc. but recently I decided to buy the American Crafts binder albums to give a more unified look on a shelf. Again, I will post pics soon.

Thanks for the question girls! Now, I have a question for sister (Melissa) is having surgery tomorrow and I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for something fun I can take to her house tomorrow to make her feel better. I am going to bring some scrapbooking magazines and probably make some dinner for her and her hubby but any additional ideas would be great. Oh, and if you can say a little prayer for her or keep her in your thoughts, I would appreciate it.

I'll be back soon with some Bakery related stuff. Thanks for stopping by and reading this long post! :) Have a great night.


Carla said...

Love that vintage map...really cool. And I SO love cards that are different sized or shaped from the standard.
Hope your sister feels better...I'm so terrible at ideas of what to bring here. maybe some of her favorite ice cream. Is she going to be stuck on bedrest? Maybe a small handheld game(yahtzee or suduko)and some playing cards.

laura vegas said...

love the questions! i think the stuff that you can't scrap without ... is the same exact stuff that i can't scrap without. lol! and would love to see your albums once they're orgainzed.

as for gifts ... i'm so gad at those things. i'd say some magazines just for fun ... some good candy and the more special bags of fancy chips ... some playing cards and crossword puzzle books.