Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm a sucker

Yep. I'm totally a sucker. I went out after dinner and bought this:

I just couldn't help it. I tried to fight but too many people said how WONDERFUL it is so I thought, why not! Not to mention that I am going to see the movie on Sunday with Jennie didn't hurt either.

In other total randomness, I have really been suffering bad with my allergies/sinuses. I know, I know, who cares about that! lol But, I found a really great product that I wanted to share with anyone who is having the same troubles....probably many of you aren't because you don't live here in Cincinnati. It is a proven fact it is a horrible place for allergies. Anyway, I went out and bought a neti pot . If you have never heard of it (I hadn't), it's a device to clean out your sinuses and it looks like a cute little teapot. I saw it on Oprah awhile ago and thought it probably wouldn't work but I was suffering so bad that I went out and got one.

I felt so silly putting it up my nose. I made my husband do it first. He laughed and said, "You're testing it on me first to see if it kills me, aren't you?" hee hee. Anyway, it works great. Thought I would pass it on.

Have a great night. Off to back tomorrow with a share.


Sara said...

You will not be able to book the book down once you start reading it! It is addictingly GOOD! I already got my tickets for hubby's & mine date night Fri night! Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about Twilight too. It seems to be sweeping across blogland and everyone says you can't put it down!

Anonymous said...

Aloha, Heather! I'm a neti pot lover/user, too! I was a little apprehensive at first but I use it now whenever I feel a little congested or a sinus headache coming on. It's a great little toy, isn't it? I think it helps keep your nasal passages clean and germies have nothing to cling to since everything is clean! Never thought I'd be discussing this with you! I picked up "Twilight", too, and I heard the rest of the series is awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving!

laura vegas said...

i have not yet given in to "twilight" ... buy my 12 yr old has! she's just starting the third book!

and is that the contraption that pours water in one nostril .. and then it comes out the other? we have something similar ... but it looks like a horn or something. my mom heard about it on oprah too ... and bought it for alyssa to try for her allergies (she's allergic to dogs and my mom has a dog which makes her feel quilty i think!). but she never tried it more than a few times. just was kind of weird. lol! but heck, if it works for you ... then that's great!