Monday, February 25, 2008

As Promised

As promised here is a couple of layouts that I created over the weekend....
This one is a picture of Alex hanging out with me in my studio painting. The journaling reads, "A picture of my favorite thing. Alex coming in on a lazy weekend afternoon and creating with me. I scrapbook and he is next to me painting or drawing. Creativity is such an outlet for both of us and I am so glad that I get to share that with him. It's our thing."
I am so glad that I got this finally documented. This is a have more pages like this in my scrapbook not just holidays, but everyday moments. I also got to play with the KI pop culture stuff!
Here is another...

I was going for a patchwork look on this one. To sum up the journaling it talks about that I daydream and I find myself wondering about Alex...what career he will choose?, will he have children some day? Basically, just pondering and letting him know that I trust his decisions and I am so glad to be on the "journey" with him.

I also promised a pic of my new kitchen table....

You can see our not so pretty table in the background. lol I was thrilled when my mom called me and told me that this $299.99 table that I had been eyeing at Target was 75% off. So, I got it for $74.99! :) So now it is a stepping stone for more decorating! The pale yellow wall will be the blue that is the color of the placemats. I also bought matching curtains! Can you tell I am a little excited! lol

In other news, I am surronded by products and kits for the Inspired event. I am super excited about the event but it is a lot of work but I love Jenni Bowlin products! My studio is a sea of her stuff!

Few reminders...
-It is NOT too late to get in your pics for the Box contest. We have received a lot of photos but if you are undecided about entering ...I encourage you to do it. You never know! :)

-The Bakery has a coupon for 30% off your entire purchase! (including kits) Grab it before it is gone.

I think that is it for tonight. I am really tired. Thanks for stopping by! I will be back later in the week with more news.


Wendy Sue said...

I LOVE your table set! I am loving black for furniture, accents...everything! And what a great score with the price!!!

Fun layouts too -- I love documenting the everyday things...and thoughts...and addition to the "events" too! :o)

laura vegas said...

love the new layouts heather! how funny ... i tend to do more moment type layouts and am trying to get some of the holidays in our scrapbooks. and you're doing the opposite. lol!

and love the table! i have had the same boring light oak kitchen table for over 14 years. i really want a black table and chairs. but with the daycare kids around ... it's probably a waste. lol! i know they would just ruin it!

Sara said...

Love the bright colors on the LO's! I think it's easier to scrap the "everyday" than events or holidays.

Great deal on the table! Lucky you! That set looks fantastic!