Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lots to Share

Thought I would take a breather from preparing taxes (YUCK) and post some goodies that I just added to the bakery. You can find these under KITS:
The first one is a project kit. It is the first one I have decided to do and it was so much fun to make that I think I will do more in the future. It is called, "Oh the Places You'll Go" (from Dr. Seuss) I made this for my step-son's 8th grade graduation gift. That was their theme from school and I wanted to document his 8th grade year before moving on to high school.
Here is what I did with the kit: The cover....The first page is a letter to my son. I printed onto a transparency and then painted the back with white paint (to simulate clouds)...A peek at the inside pages: Page by Page instructions are included with the kit and the cost is only $19.99! There are only a few so once they are gone, they are gone!
Also, the February Main Kit SOLD OUT FAST! So...I decided to add a mini kit to the shop called, CRUSH: It's got some of the same ingredients from the Main Kit but also some fun twists and the price is only $19.99 also...A GREAT DEAL! Also, I have received MANY emails about the Bakery Box Contest. Let me clarify a can use the box in ANY creative way! So, someone asked me if she used it in a creative way to store a scrapbook supply, would that be okay? YES! I don't want to put limitations on the rules because I don't want to hinder creativity! You can ALWAYS email me with any questions at .
I have lots of fun things to share over the next couple of days..I have been busy creating. My good friend Jennie (She is on the design team for Scrapbook Bakery) came over last night to crop. Had a blast! (Hi Jennie! lol)
Keep those comments coming. I will do a surprise drawing in the next two weeks from ALL of the comments to celebrate Scrapbook Bakery's anniversary. Thanks for reading!


laura vegas said...

what a fun album idea! love how you painted the "clouds" on the transparency ... a great idea that goes perfect with the album!

glad to hear the kit sold out so quickly ... love that you came up with something for those that may have missed out on it!