Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am feeling really Blah, uninspired today. Please leave a comment below of your favorite quote or website that gets you inspired! I need to cheer myself up so I am going to do a RAK and I will draw a random comment on Thursday to receive a prize!

I think I just have a case of the winter blues because it is still freezing and raining here. I can not wait for Spring! I will be back on Thursday with a winner and a few layouts that I finally snapped some shots of.

Thanks for stopping by!


Lindsay Lowery said...

Well hopefully you find some inspiration. I know I love to look at Marla Kress's blog when I need some fun ideas.

Unknown said...

You and me, both! I am so ready for spring!

The sites I go to for inspiration are Karen Russell- http://karenrussell.typepad.com/ and Lisa Russo - http://lisarusso.typepad.com/lrp_the_blog/

Their photography skills absolutely amaze me and makes me want to be a better photographer. If I had pictures like theirs, scrapbooking would be "a piece of cake!"

Tabitha said...

Elise has always been mi inspiration!!

Sara said...

My inspiration is usually Laura's Blog http://www.lauravegas.typepad.com/

But if you want to see some great photography (& laugh HARD) take a look at


Anonymous said...

Sorry you got the blahs...I hate that...wanna come visit me in sunny CA? There are so many sites I love...
and I could go on & on.

Carla said...

Hi Heather! I scrapped my favorite quote here:
It says, "When no one else cares, my dog still loves me".
My lab passed away last summer and this was therapy for me.

laura vegas said...

one of my favorite blogs to visit for photography inspiration:

i wish i could blame the weather on my "blahness". lol! we have great spring weather right now (sorry, don't hate me!) ... but i'm not quite feeling it yet.

Carla said...

Heather, you've been tagged. Hope you don't mind.
Post on your blog 7 random things about you and then tag 7 other people.