Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Sorry to be MIA lately. We stayed in this whole weekend because of the blizzard we had! I am ready for spring but I have to admit that it was fun playing in the snow. We got out the go-kart but the snow was so high that we had to snow plow a path for our track! lol Here is a shot of Alex in the need for some speed: After he did a few laps in our yard and the neighbors, (luckily our good friend moved in next door-sorry about your yard Eric!) Alex went inside and brought out some rope and his sled. I asked him why did he need that (in my best I am not being a "nervous" mom voice) and he said so you can pull me in the go-kart. Probably not the best idea but I found myself tying the rope on the back of the go-kart and then taking off. He had...okay I admit it...we had so much fun! Ted commented on my awesome driving skills. I got stuck fewer times than he did! Later I was thinking about what ever happened with kids just finding a hill to sled down!? I guess those days are over. LOL

Not much more to report. I did do a few layouts for a class I am teaching. Here is a pic of the first...

The journaling:
Here is another layout...going for the monochromatic color scheme. Loved using the white with the cream. Classic. A perfect showcase for our wedding pics...

A little detail:

That's all I got. Thanks for stopping by!


Sara said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun in the snow! Love the LO's! I could look at wedding pics anytime--it's just so romantic!

laura vegas said...

well ... we have no snow out here. but i swear if you give my girls a little grassy hill (the one ast softball practice is really tiny) ... they can entertain themselved for days rolling down it. lol!

love the layouts! i can't do the monocromatic (and i can't spell it either. lol!) look ... but you made it look so pretty!