Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Monday

Happy Monday! Thought I'd start something new here on the blog...Music Mondays. Every Monday (or almost every Monday), I plan on listing five songs that I am into right now. They may be old or they may be brand new. They may be country, rap, rock, or anything in between because I like ALL different types of music. This is just my personal taste at the moment and thought I'd start sharing here because I love discovering or rediscovering songs that others are listening to. So here we go....

1. The Only Exception by Paramore

They are one of my FAVORITE bands. Love THIS and THIS and THIS too.

2. Gravity by Sara Bareilles

This is a song I play over and over on my i-pod. I first heard it on So You Think You Can Dance and LOVED it. Some other favorites from her are HERE HERE and HERE.

3. The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert

Love the story to this song. Her voice is so pure. Loving THIS and THIS from her too.

4. Glitter in the Air by Pink

THIS and THIS rocks from her too.

5. Angel by Sara McLachlen

This song always brings me comfort. :)

What music are you listening to right now?


Ayana Posadas said...

Great post! I love that Gravity song by Sara Bareilles. And I know exactly which dance you're talking about in SYTYCD. LoL... It was one of my favorite performances. Thanks for sharing some of your fav songs with us. :)

Sara said...

I LOVE this post!!! Your picks are some of my faves! And in all honesty, I was thinking about posting something like this...didn't think about the videos--great idea!!

mamajulie said...

I love this idea--opened my eyes to some new things, and reminded me of some old faves. Keep 'em coming.

Bridget said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the first three songs! I haven't heard the Pink song (yet - will listen to it next), and Angel is nice but was way overplayed a few years back. That said, I still love Sarah McLachlan music :) Thanks for posting and sharing these!

- Bridget N